Stick of almond paste
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moscardina punto vendita Vittoria RG Biscotti di pasta di mandorle - Vittoria RG Pasta di mandorle biscotti tipici siciliani biscotti tipici siciliani biscotti tipici siciliani paste di mandorla biscotti tipici siciliani biscotti tipici siciliani -  paste di mandorla albicocca taralli taralli  punto vendita Vittoria RG fiocco di neve calia aruci preparazione biscotti di pasta di mandorle preparazione biscotti di pasta di mandorle preparazione arancini Biscotti Biscotti torrone e giurgiulena mustata torroni con marmellate
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Biscotti e dolci tipici siciliani - senza conservanti

Welcome to dolceriatinghino.it

If you love to taste the cakes, cookies, pastries still with the taste of good things done at home then you are on the right site:
Dolceria Tinghino of us, despite our great daily production, we are able to give life to specialty biscuits that has the taste of good things done at home. This is only possible thanks to the love that we put into the craftsmanship that is not uguagliabile even with the most modern technologies.
From the mold for baking, the filling to icing, every production process Tinghino is the result of hard-working hands and wise that with traditional methods to create pastries unique and different in appearance. All our products are manufactured by hand. This choice is dictated by the importance we place on quality control which allows us to offer more products in perfect condition.
The quality of our cookies also depends on the quality of our ingredients. In the development of each new product we take special care in the choice of raw materials which are carefully selected in accordance with the highest standards of quality.
Our cookies do not contain hydrogenated fats, and arise from the rigorous selection of the best ingredients: eggs high quality Italian wheat flour pure sugar cane and beet sugar
The shortbread cookies to Tinghino does not contain hydrogenated fats. Give up the use of hydrogenated fats is equivalent to take the higher costs resulting from the finest raw materials and production process more difficult and complex but it means above all to be able to offer better products and more and more in line with those who want to feed themselves properly. That's why Tinghino decided to use non-hydrogenated fats: a natural choice for those who always invests in the improvement of the quality of the products.
Today we offer the chance to purchase our products, "mpanatigghi", "scaurati", "bones of the dead", b. almond paste, b. Bronte pistachio paste, marzipan fruit, bagels, quince, mostata, Buccellati, peel d 'orange covered with chocolate and many other Sicilian specialties can be shipped to your home after being freshly prepared. The struttua of our e-commerce is extremely simple making it easy and quick l 'purchase online. If you prefer you can also order contacting us by phone or by writing via e-mail.

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